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Newsletter                                         February  2021


Happy New Year 

Welcome to our February newsletter

April 2021 Changes

National Minimum Wages Increases 2021

The National Minimum Wage changes will come into effect in April 2021.   At present the National Living Wages is the minimum payment for employees aged 25 or over.  However, in April 2021 this age will decrease to any employee who is aged 23 or over.

The minimum hourly pay rates from April 2021 onwards will increase as follows:

·  21-22 year old rates will increase from £8.20 to £8.36 per hour (increase of 2.0 per cent)

·  18-20 year old rates will increase from £6.45 to £6.56 per hour (increase of 1.7 per cent)

·  16-17 year old rates will increase from £4.55 to £4.62 per hour (increase of 1.5 per cent)

·  Apprentice rates will increase from £4.15 to £4.30 per hour (increase of 3.6 per cent)

National living wage (aged 23 or over) rates will increase from £8.72 to £8.91 per hour (increase of 2.2 per cent)

Accommodation offset will increase from £8.20 to £8.36 per hour (increase of 2.0 per cent)

The National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage are statutory and differ to the Real Living Wage.

The Real Living Wage is a UK wage rate that is voluntarily paid by 7,000 UK businesses and is based on living costs. 

In November last year, the Living Wage Foundation announced the rates for 2020/21, stating employers committed to the Real Living Wage should implement the rise as soon as possible and within six months. 

It added that all employees should receive the new rate by May 2021.

Currently, the UK Real Living Wage is £9.50 per hour, while it is £10.85 in London, with both covering the age group of anyone who is 18 or older.

Other Statutory Payment Changes

The rate of Statutory Sick Pay will increase to £96.35 per week (from £95.85) from 6 April 2021.

Basic rate of Statutory Maternity Pay and Statutory Adoption Pay – will increase to £151.97 per week (from £151.20) (or 90% of the employee’s average weekly earnings if this figure is less than the statutory rate) from 4 April 2021.

Statutory Paternity Pay, Statutory Shared Parental Pay and Statutory Parental Bereavement Leave pay will increase to £151.97 per week (from £151.20) (or 90% of the employee’s average weekly earnings if this figure is less than the statutory rate) from 4 April 2021.


 IR35 Update


After the Government postponed the implementation of the off-payroll tax legislation IR35 in April 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we can now confirm that it will now come into force on 6 April 2021.

Companies should quickly identify any self-employed consultants within their workforce who offer their services to the Company via a ‘limited company’.

Since April 2017, the client who is in the public sector, has a responsibility for determining if IR35 applies where the individual provides their services. If they would be regarded as an employee, the public-sector client must make PAYE deductions.

When the reforms are introduced from 6 April 2021, the client receiving the off-payroll workers' services will be responsible for deciding the individual's status and operating IR35, rather than the individual.

There are a number of online government tools to identify whether or not there will be an obligation on the company to deduct income tax and national insurance contributions at source when paying the contractor.

Companies affected will also need to make clear in any consultant contracts whether they fall inside or outside IR35.



Will Health & Safety change because of BREXIT?

As of 31st December 2020, the United Kingdom officially left the European Union.

I am sure everyone is aware of this, however, is everyone aware of the changes this has caused to the way you need to go about your business, especially Health and Safety?


If you aren’t aware, please click on the link which will take you to some important changes to Health and Safety in business, due to the United Kingdom leaving the EU…. ‘Brexit’.

For details of the changes involved within each industry, click here:

Brexit has caused some rules and procedures to change in some industries, however it is important to note that your responsibilities to protect the health and safety of those affected by your work activities, remain.


It has been a long road and hopefully there is some light at the end of the tunnel!  

On the 22nd February 2021, the Prime Minister announced a roadmap to propose the lifting of the lockdown.

Stage one will see all schools in England reopen on 8 March and outdoor socialising with one person.

 From 29 March, up to a maximum of six people or two households can meet outside, and outdoor sports facilities can reopen.

Shops, hairdressers, gyms and outdoor hospitality can operate from 12 April.

From 17 May the 'rule of six' will be abolished outdoors and replaced by maximum gathering of 30; two households can meet indoors. 

Indoor hospitality, cinemas, hotels, performances and sporting events also restart at this point - including up to 10,000 fans in largest stadiums.

All measures could potentially end on 21 June 2021. 

(Note these differ in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland).

All dates are dependent on four tests being met:

1.  Vaccination targets

2.  Vaccine reducing hospitalisation and deaths

3.  Pressure on NHS and;

4.  Variants

Here at Wurkplace we continue to support our clients to navigate this unprecedented time in both their HR and Health and Safety requirements.  

If you would like any information on our services, please visit our website or call us on 0330 400 5490.

Stay safe!

The Wurkplace Team


Team News

Here at Wurkplace it's has been a very busy couple of months. 

We are looking forward to getting back in the office and visiting all our partners in the near future.

We are still expanding our team and recruiting for various roles such as a:

  • Business Development Manager
  • Digital Marketing Apprentice
  • Level 5 CIPD HR Apprentice
We look forward to getting the whole team back in the office, and continuing to grow and work with our clients in this new world.


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